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Meet Coach Matt Lisle


Hi, I'm Coach Lisle! I’ve developed hitters at every level of both baseball and softball: Little League, high school, D1, and the major leagues. I created The Hitting Vault to offer my years of experience to guide your athlete to reach their full potential as a hitter.

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Bat Path Drill

Your athlete can transform their swing with drills taught by Coach Lisle.

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"I know that there are MLB players that have really had their swing revamped by Lisle. I’m one of them. Matt helped me a ton."

Mitch Haniger
San Francisco Giants, All Star

"The Hitting Vault is a great resource for players and also for parents and coaches who want to understand hitting mechanics to teach their athletes."

Aleshia Ocasio
All-American, 2021 Athletes Unlimited Softball Champion Award

""Now take the swing I want with every at bat. I brought Coach Lisle in
because of his knowledge of swing
mechanics and his attention to detail.
I love the results."

Daniel Descalso
Chicago Cubs, World Series Champion

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  • Complete Drill Library (200+ HD Videos)
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  • Exclusive Deals on Bats, Gloves, & More
  • Game Day & Exit Speed 101 Guides
  • Access to Video Swing Analysis
  • Young Athlete Drills


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Everything in PRO plus:

  • Coaches Only: Team Hitting Plan
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  • Coaches Only: Private Facebook Group
  • Coaches Only: Pre-Game Team Hitting Plan
  • Hitting Development Road Map
  • Team SwingFit Conditioning Program


What’s Included in The Hitting Vault

We’ll guide your athlete on the fundamentals, then customize to the drills that are right for them. Easy to navigate interface. Favorite videos so you can practice them over and over.

Designed for Players & Coaches at Every Level

Coach Lisle developed this program for his MLB hitters, but the drills and program translate to every level of hitter. Build a great swing, become a great hitter.

AGES 6-12

Young Softball & Baseball Athletes

  • Make it Really Fun
  • Athletic Swing
  • Consistent Contact
  • Develop Confidence
  • Strong Fundamentals
AGES 13-18

High School Athletes

  • Customized Drills & Training
  • Develop Efficient Swing Movements
  • Competitive Mental Approach
  • Increased Bat Speed and Exit Velocity
  • Great Swing. Great Hitter.
AGES 18+

Collegiate & Pro Athletes

  • Professional Swing Movements
  • Elite Mental Approach
  • Regularly Hits for Power
  • Elite Bat Speed and Exit Velocity
  • Ability to Self-Assess

Coaches & Parents

  • Strategy & Game Planning
  • Increasing Quality At-Bats
  • Master Timing and Adjustability
  • Team Hitting Practice Plans
  • Hitting Development Road Map

Providing Value Season after Season

The best hitters go back and do the same drills over and over. The Vault will guide your baseball or softball athlete to help create consistent, powerful performance at the plate.


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