2018 Hitting Goals

2018 Hitting Goals

With 2017 now in the books, it’s time to look ahead at what is coming in 2018. Just like many of our members that have HUGE goals for 2018, The Vault has a few goals of our own in our pursuit of the best hitting community online!

Some of our goals for 2018:

  • Growth as coaches – Keep learning, keep sharing!
  • Understanding what our Members need to succeed
  • Support our community going to the next level (College & Pro)
  • Growth as a membership so we can develop more products

Here’s a few things we have planned for 2018:

  • We are going to make Video Swing Analysis available soon (paid service for Members Only)
  • We are going to partner with some like minded products and companies
  • We are looking into developing an app
  •  We are exploring offering 1-on-1 remote SwingFit training with Coach Stav
  • We are expanding into other markets (Australia, Japan, Latin America & Netherlands)

At the end of 2017, we asked our members to provide us with some of their goals for the 2018 season. We want to thank everyone in our community that took the time to complete our survey and share their goals.

At The Vault, we take the goals of our members very seriously and are committed to helping our hitters achieve their goals. See below for a few of our member goals for 2018.

2018 Member Goals

“To get stronger and more powerful. I want to advance myself at the plate and become a better hitter.”

Shailynn, Ledyard High School, Gales ferry CT

“Increasing bat speed for my athletes. Help them increase strength for hitting. Help them to understand the elevate concept of hitting.”

Sam Ramirez, Top Gun Academy, Kansas City, MO

“Working harder to get our girls to come quicker to contact and producing a stronger hitter with increased ball exit velocity.”

Mike Fusco, Southern Maine Flame,  Portland, Maine

“Continue to teach our players how to hit using the drills I learned from your program.”

Daniel Flores, West side Little League Baseball, Ft Worth , Tx

Further strengthening my swing, increasing my bat speed. Maintaining my stance and launch angle.

Paxton O., Saint Louis Bears, Saint Louis, MO

“Gain more extra base hits and home runs!”

Mickale, University of Dayton Club Baseball, Detroit, MI

“To continue applying what I have learned from the Hitting Vault and improve even more in all statistical categories to help our team win a Sun Belt Conference Championship!

Remington H., Georgia State Panthers, Atlanta, GA

“To develop personalized improvement plans for each of my hitters and better tailor portions of practice to individual needs.”

Jim Larkin, Cobra Baseball, PA

We have three main goals for 2018. First, All team members complete the SwingBuild program and that translates to increased quality at bats. Next, All team members will complete the SwingFit program and show documented growth in times and reps. Lastly, Show increased aggression and confidence at the plate.”

Mike Williams Champaign Blue Ice Fastpitch Softball, Champaign, IL

“As a coach in 2016 we hit 8 HRs as a team. In 2017 we hit 21 HRs as a team. Not a coincidence, with that said this years goal is to win a state championship.”

Coach Jette

“Become more consistent in my mental approach and routine. Eliminate the unnecessary pressures and drama around each at bat and game and just hit.”

Sam, MHS, MO

“As a hitter I want to become more consistent mentally. Physically I know I am capable, I just need to make sure I always have the right mental approach.”

Alyssa Bonilla, 2022 Empire State Huskies, Walden, NY

“Consistency in the swing and hand quickness.”

Joseph Lendo, Engaged Athletics Parkville, MO

“I am working on The Hitting Vault drills and want to get better at separation and extension when I contact the ball. I am working hard because I want to hit Home Runs this Spring.”

Nate P., Burke Bulldogs, Fairfax, Va

“We would like to increase our ability to swing at the right pitches and be more willing to look for balls in the hitter’s zone.”

Alex Hales, Elite Baseball Training, Chicago, IL

“Keep hands inside the ball. Get more power. Have everyone make consistent contact.”

Andrew H., West Bend

“Continue to help players understand what is being asked of them and how it feels to do it correctly.”

Eric MCconnell, Linden Warriors Fastpitch 

“I’m always looking to learn more, gather new drills, and find new mental techniques that will improve my hitters.”

David Bradstreet, Bradstreet Hitting Academy, Campbellsville, KY

“Would like to help my daughter get her  exit velocity from 59 to 63-65.  As a coach, I would like to increase everyone’s awareness on the field and know that no matter where they play they understand the whole field and what to do.”

Andrew C. Burrell, Our Lady Academy and Gulfport Shock, Gulfport MS

“Getting players to refine their swings and own their actions. Also, would like for my players to  concentrate more on the process as opposed to the results”

Gquinn, DeMatha Catholic, Hyattsville Md

“We want to build on our successes with more classroom time regarding mental approach and swing mechanics during workouts. In a short season, we typically feel forced into cookie cutter drills rather than individualized work. we are establishing methods of changing that.”

Steve Simoes, Hopkinton High School, Hopkinton, MA

“I want to continue to build confident players. To mold and shape them in a positive direction.”

Mike O., Nebraska Nemesis, Lincoln, NE

“Working on power and hitting the ball with Force. To break a hitting record for my high school.”

Mia G., Corona angels, Atwater, CA

“To continue to improve our ability to drive the ball as a team. Creating good, powerful hitters.”

Coach Harris, Quincy High School, Quincy, WA

“One goal is to hit opposite field more because I’m considered a pull hitter. Another is to have better control on curve ball.

Andrew C., West Long Beach 

“Being able to hit the ball with more power. Being able to replicate my swing and have a more consistent foundation to work with when or if I’m in a slump.”

Kevin C., Glendale High School Glendale, CA

“Increase my power numbers on my high school and club team.”

Abby B., East Valley High School, Spokane, WA

“Continue to build on what was shown in 2017. Letting my hitters express themselves athletically through learning about their swings.”

Jack Schone, Big Walnut Eagles, Sunbury, OH

“Help make my students better prepared to hit with consistency and power.”

Joseph, Hitman Hitting Instruction, Chino, CA

“My main goal for 2018 is to hit for a better average.”

Shawn Dufour, Windsor Wildcats Windsor, Ontario, Canada

“All of our coaches want to help our hitters continue to learn how to drive the baseball. We also stress the importance of productive outs (moving runners, going deep in counts, etc.)”

Bill Fairfax High School, MVP Royals National 17u, Fairfax, VA

“My goal is to take the girls on my team and turn them into great hitters. We play in a very competitive school league and my girls are very committed. My goal is to prepare them for playing high school ball.”

Greg Essert, LadyLanders, Cincinnati, OH

“I would like more power. I consistently make contact, but not always solid and driving the ball. I would like my balls to come off harder and travel farther.”

Jordyn, AIA Athletics, Redmond, Oregon

“Improve my son’s timing as a hitter. He struggles at times with slower pitchers. As a smaller hitter, I want to develop more power with my son’s hitting.”

Mark Gonzalez,  Neptune Beach Pearl, Alameda, CA

‘I want my girls to have confidence when they step in the box and know that we have taught them the correct way to hit the ball.”

Karen, SFO,  Sherrills Ford, NC

“Continue individual improvements with pitch selection, and situations.”

Steve Richards, Blue Mountain Community College, Pendleton, OR

“I want my High School team to go to districts and potentially make states. I want to hit multiple home runs in high school ball and I want my batting average to be at least .450.”

Mackenzie M., North Carroll Hot Shots and South Western High School Hanover, PA

“Continued improvement on consistency at the plate. Improvement in approaches at the plate for  specific situations.”

Coach Giddings, Boise Blast 14U, Boise, ID

“I would like my son to develop his power, and drive the ball with some authority this coming year.”

C Banfield, Claremont Little League, Claremont, CA

“To continue learning proper hitting mechanics and sharpening my knowledge .

Steven, Ridgefield Little League, Ridgefield, WA

“I want to get more of our teams (not just my 18U team) adopting the methods in The Hitting Vault.”

Scott Barker, Case Batbusters, West Hills, CA

“My first goal is to get a hit every time that i go to the plate. Second goal is no errors.”

Isaac C., Bisons 13, Boulder, CO

“As a 13 year old player, I would like to develop pitch recognition and swing accordingly while continuing to hit for average and slugging percentage.”

Riley P., Lubbock Pirates 2023, Lubbock, Texas

“Getting my players to understand swing fundamentals, hitting the ball hard consistently and understanding that we are OK to fail.”

Bob Kelly, Brampton Royals 13U AAA Brampton, Ontario, Canada

To complete my teaching and understanding so we can begin to develop better drills and communication for players ages 4-8yrs.

Michael Lombardi, The Baseball Center NYC,  New York, NY

“Establish hitting routines and structures using The Hitting Vault program to improve individual and team hitting.”

Bryce Durnin, Camdenton High School, Camdenton, MO

“Get my players into a good hitting position in a timely manner. Getting barrel of the bat on plane without dropping hands.”

Beau Emeralds, Kalispell, MT

“Being confident and sticking to my approach every single at bat. Not thinking about my mechanics at the plate, but having external focus on the situation. Swinging at good pitches and doing damage every time I step in the box.

Aaron Lynx, USA

“Improve my eye contact coordination and get better on my body with swing fit.”

Juan Carlos Posas, Tiburones, Honduras

“Getting stronger and hitting more bombs this year!

Mo Park, Vienna Stars, Centreville, Va

“To keep improving as a coach and make my players better.”

Dan DiBlasi, Long Island Dodger Nation, NY

Learn the every day drills and methods that are easy to follow and pass to the team.

Smitty, Milford Softball Milford, MA

“To properly teach students how to swing the bat.”

JJ, Albion Little League,  Albion, NE



Let’s get after it in 2018!

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