Behind The Scenes – The Hitting Vault

Behind The Scenes – The Hitting Vault

Earlier this year we did a multi-day film and photo production to add more content to The Hitting Vault membership experience. About a year earlier we had a two-day shoot in Portland, OR where we shot over 45 instruction videos and hitting drills with the help of two pro athletes; Alexa Peterson (former All-American from the University of Oregon and current pro on the NFP Chicago Bandits) and Richard Prigatano former stand-out and “Dirtbag” for Long Beach State. Richard was coming back from injury after getting drafted in the 11th round by the Colorado Rockies.

Alexa Peterson joined us again to demonstrate the hitting drills and body movements. Since that time she’s joined The Hitting Vault staff as a hitting instructor and holds office hours for The Hitting Vault on Facebook Messenger M-F 9am-Noon, available to talk hitting or coaching.

New-comer Tillman Pugh and young professional from Oakland who had been drafted twice, once before college in the 16th round by the Seattle Mariners and most recently in the 15the round by the New York Mets. Both Tillman and Alexa have learned under Coach Lisle’s training.

Clearly Tillman has a beautiful and powerful swing. In fact, he left our shoot and reported directly to his team in Indiana.

We had a very hard working crew. The first time we shot our video content was in Portland, OR and this time we were Walnut Creek, CA (near Oakland). Cody Curtain, who typically works on movie production in Portland came down to shoot for us.

We invited some local young athletes to join us in demonstrating some of our most popular Vault drills. We created 9 videos which have been very popular with our members, Youth Athletes demonstrating the body movements. It goes to prove that younger athletes can learn to move their body correctly and Unlock Their Power.

Coach Alexa working as young “Hurricane” looks on in the foreground.

Developing SwingFit™ has been a really big project for our team. Getting to shoot day we had some extra things to go over with Coach Stav. Above we have Coach Lisle and Coach Stav talking through core body strength and rotational power. When you shoot over 60 demo/exercise videos in one day, there’s a lot of details to cover. A.J. and Coach Stav going over our shooting process.

SwingFit™ is the latest addition to The Hitting Vault membership. It’s now the most popular and most complete membership available online. SwingFit is two (2) different 8-week, 3-day-a-week custom workout plans designed specifically for baseball and softball players. Design for athletes of every level and designed to make strength training easy for coaches.

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