Best Way To Break “The Slump”

Best Way To Break “The Slump”

If you’ve played, coached or have kids playing baseball or softball one of the hardest things to do is break the slump.

Every February, all of my MLB Hitters that spent the last 2-3 months with me, head off to Spring Training feeling on top of the world. For some, we spent the off-season rebuilding their entire swing. For some, it was only a few adjustments but all head off to Arizona or Florida feeling really great about their swings and beaming with confidence. But then, “The Slump.”

After great springs and great starts to their season in April and May, something happens. Sometimes earlier in the year, sometimes later but its simply unavoidable. “The Slump”. Usually its only few days or games but to some hitters it feels like an eternity.

So Guess What Happens Next?

The hitter in the slump looking to get out of it, looks to what others are doing who have been hot lately. Many times their coach will come to them and say “You need to do this”. Now the hitter is trying to do this. And then that. And before too long their slump is lasting longer and their swing is even more of a mess.

That’s where I often step in to remind them of where they were when they left to Spring Training. I send them a video of their best swings and talk about what they were thinking and feeling in those moments to get them to “Remember”. It’s a light bulb moment for them.

How to be Preventative.

Going into this off-season I wanted to be preventive vs. reactive to this happening in the 2017 season. This year, I have asked all of my pro hitters to write down their feelings and thoughts in a Hitting Journal or the “Notes” section of their phone and keep video of their best swings with them to refer back to it.


Yesterday, speaking with one of my big league hitters we were talking about his plan for this. What thoughts and feelings he was having when he’s having his best swing and encouraging him that if he can write those down and refer to them in times of struggle it’s much easier to “find your way back home”. He said “Yeah Im a victim of that. And until I started working with you, I didn’t know what home was”.

  • Do you have video of your best swings that you can refer to when you’ve had a bad tournament or bad week.
  • Can you find your way back home to your best swing?
  • Can you remember who you are?
  • Where is your “home”?

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Hard work, works

Coach Lisle

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