Ever have a hitter that in one swing you can tell they have a long list of things they need to improve? Or how about a kid that have 2 or 3 glaring issues in their swing? How do you make sure that in that very first session and each one proceeding, that they get better? Coach Lisle gives his thoughts on how to make that possible…

I want to talk to you about making your hitters better in one session.

As a parent or a coach, when we assess and evaluate our hitters, a lot of times, we think there’s probably 20 things to work on in their swing. In your first session as a coach working with a hitter, the thing that you need to do is figure out what is the one thing that would help this hitter in this session right now, and not think about the 20 things that I have to work on, and create a list of here’s all the things we need to work on.

Take your time. Figure out what is that one drill–what is that one thing that will help them today in this session?

The Hitting Vault is designed for that.

In the Hitting Vault, in the faults and the fixes section, we address all types of faults and fixes with one drill that can help that one thing. Sometimes it’s stepping in the bucket, or they stride really strangely.

And just going back to the stride drill and focusing on the stride drill can make them a better hitter.

Sometimes it’s just their bat path and how their bat works, or sometimes how their load works, and they just need to really focus on the seesaw drill.

So there are a lot of times that they have a big issue in their swing, but sometimes, it’s just that one drill that can get them back to where they need to be.

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