NC State’s Tommy White Set to Transfer

Tommy White, appropriately nicknamed “Tommy Tanks” for his 27 homeruns he hit this year as a freshman has entered the transfer portal this morning. This comes to a shock to many as he just set the NCAA freshman homerun record in a single season for the Wolfpack at the ACC tournament. NC State was 36-21, […]

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Top Hitters to Watch in the 2022 Women’s College World Series

It’s finally that time of year again, the postseason is in full swing for NCAA Softball and Baseball. To kick things off we wanted to do a quick roundup of our favorite hitters to watch in the Women’s College World Series starting this Thursday June 2nd. 1.) Jocelyn Alo, Oklahoma Sr. DP No list about […]

Athletes Taking Ownership with Coach Lincoln Martin

Coach Lincoln Martin knows well that anyone can have an off day. But how your player conducts themselves when things aren’t going according to plan is a fundamental reflection of who they are as an athlete, a teammate, a student, and an individual. Coaching young players to deal with adversity on and off the field […]

Coach Tom Eller on “Squishing The Bug”

Whether you’re a player, coach, or fan of baseball, you’ve probably heard the term “squishing the bug.” You will also be aware that it is a subject that divides everyone in the industry. Weight dynamics on the back foot through the swing can impact all sorts of important metrics: angle, strength, body mechanics — you […]


Prepping For A College Showcase: Jason Ferber

Every summer, thousands of young players attend college showcases with hopes of being noticed by college coaches and scouts. Showcases provide participants with an opportunity to display their skills before a wide range of industry professionals, but navigating them can be overwhelming for both players and parents. One of the newest members of The Hitting […]

Must Read Books for Baseball and Softball Coaches

30 Books for Baseball and Softball Coaches

I get asked frequently what it takes to be a great coach, and I can honestly say there is no real answer to this. At the end of the day, our goal as coaches is to make a difference for the student athletes that you have the opportunity to coach. But if I had to […]


How to Hit a Curveball and Other Off-Speed Pitches

One of the toughest things to master as a youth baseball or softball player is how to hit a curveball. As the competition level starts to increase, and pitchers get older and more developed we see them have a little more control over their pitches. Up until then, hitting can seem like a breeze for […]


Types of Wood Baseball Bats (and How to Choose One)

As recently as two decades ago, few baseball players hit with wood bats during their amateur careers. Today, it’s common for kids as young as Little League to take a portion of their practice cuts with wood or wood composite bats. In a previous article, we explained why hitting with wood is a smart idea, […]


7 Fun Baseball Drills and Games for Kids

Practice. It’s amazing how one word can either make a player or coach cringe or smile. While practice is clearly necessary for any sport, often it can become stale and boring. The goal of any coach should be to incorporate a mixture of fun baseball drills and games to keep their players engaged. Coaches: Unlock […]


Three Goals for Hitting Coaches

It’s not always clear what the role of a hitting coach is. Should a hitting coach strive to give as much information as possible in the time they have, or is it important to internalize the concept of “less is more?” Can we best serve our hitters by teaching them the same exact swing as […]