Internal vs. External Focus for Baseball and Softball Hitters

As hitting coaches, our primary role is to serve as a translator for our players. We have to understand complex scientific concepts about how the body moves during the swing and design drills (and cues within those drills) that our hitters can actually put into practice. In fact, communicating effectively with athletes is such an […]


What is the Role of a Hitting Coach?

Over the past few years, teaching baseball and softball swing mechanics has become exponentially more science-based. For some coaches, that’s been an empowering development. Innovations in measurement and analytics have given them valuable new insights into their players’ movements, helping them better understand what’s working and what needs improvement.  For other coaches, that science revolution […]


8 Basic Drills for First-Time Baseball & Softball Coaches

Thousands of first-time baseball and softball coaches take the field each year, and many wonder where to start. How do you keep a group of 10 or more Little League players engaged and learning over the course of a 90-minute (or longer) training session? Your first step should be to develop a written practice plan […]

Best Slow Pitch Softball Bats for 2022

When it comes to shopping for sporting goods online, few things have become as complicated as simply selecting a slow pitch softball bat. Space age materials, proprietary formulas, a range of prices and an alphabet soup of governing bodies that decide what is and isn’t legal can turn a fun experience into a tedious slog. […]


Travel Baseball: The Ultimate Guide for Parents and Players

For many families, the transition from Little League to travel baseball comes with stress, anxiety and questions about what to look for in a team and what to expect from the experience — not to mention the question of whether making the switch from a more laid-back rec ball program to a more competitive (and […]


6 Resistance Band Exercises for Baseball and Softball Players

In The MVP Machine, a book that explores the world of advanced baseball training and development techniques, resistance bands are noted as a key but a once-uncommon tool that a young amateur pitcher named Trevor Bauer used to build his arm strength and ultimately become one of the game’s dominant hurlers. “When Trevor was twelve, […]

How to Break in a Baseball Glove

How to Break in a Baseball Glove (The Right Way)

A high-quality baseball glove is one of the most important investments a baseball or softball player can make in their game. Choosing the right mitt for your position and playing style can make a big difference in your performance. While no glove alone can make you a better defender, picking one that fits right and […]

How to Pick the Right Travel Softball Team

What to Look For in a Travel Softball Team

Travel softball can be one of the most stressful aspects of the sport, especially when it comes to choosing the right team. That’s particularly true for parents and players who are just beginning their travel softball journey, because it can be difficult to know how to evaluate a team and coach. This guide will help […]

Softball Workouts for More Power

Softball Workouts – Six Exercises for More Power at the Plate

Does it feel like your power has plateaued, even though you’re going through hitting drill after hitting drill and putting in hours of tireless work on the tee? Has the effortless pop you had on opening day gradually tapered off over the course of the season? Perhaps it’s time to re-think your workout program and […]

Baseball Drills for a Competitive Practice

The Best Baseball Drills for a Competitive Practice

You’ve probably heard the old adage that says “practice how you play.” As a baseball coach, your goal should be to make practice competitive, challenging and fast-paced, so that when your players step into a game they can relax and have fun! In this article, you’ll find a baseball practice plan template that highlights the […]