How to Pick the Right Baseball Bat

At The Hitting Vault, we don’t talk a lot about how to pick the right baseball bat. We preach the importance of elite swing movements and will take that over the hottest bat on the market any day of the week. However… We know many of our members at The Vault and players out there […]

Welcome Coach Alexa Peterson

Alexa Peterson Joins The Hitting Vault

Professional Softball Player and Former All-American and College Coach Alexa Peterson Joins The Hitting Vault Staff. Love to share some good news with everyone. Today we are announcing that Alexa Peterson, professional softball player, and former All-American has joined The Hitting Vault staff! Not only has she learned her approach to hitting “The Hitting Vault […]

Baseball Exit Speed

Understanding Exit Speed

Exit Speed is my favorite hitting metric.  Let’s be clear here: Bat speed is the speed of the bat itself. Exit speed is the speed of the ball after it hits the bat. Bat speed creates exit speed. You want both, but for our purposes, we’ll focus on “Exit Speed” because that’s the ultimate goal. […]


Everything you need to know about youth softball cleats

From the big leagues all the way to the little league fields, one of the most important aspects of equipment that has flown under the radar for years but is now making more of a presence is youth softball cleats. It might not seem like it at face value, but cleats are often viewed as […]

Caity - 12 Yrs Old Big Goal

Goal: Break Lauren Chamberlain’s
All-Time College HR Record

The Hitting Vault: Member Spotlight When I first met Caity B. she was an athletic 10-year-old that I saw a ton of potential in. Now as a 2 year veteran (haha) member of The Hitting Vault, I’ve seen some incredible progression. Caity first started playing right before she turned 9 for the local rec team […]

Baseball and Softball - How to Deal With a Slup

Best Way To Break “The Slump”

If you’ve played, coached or have kids playing baseball or softball one of the hardest things to do is break the slump. Every February, all of my MLB Hitters that spent the last 2-3 months with me, head off to Spring Training feeling on top of the world. For some, we spent the off-season rebuilding their […]

It's OK to Swing and Miss

Swing and Miss?

Do you have hitters that swing and miss at the plate? It’s not always as alarming as you think. Let me paint a game scenario for you. Late in the game. Close score. Good hitter up. The count is 1 ball and 0 strikes. The pitcher throws a changeup on the outside part of the […]

Jose Bautista - from 14 to 50

How This MLB Player Went From 14 HR to 50 (Without Changing His Swing)

What is the concept of slow to fast for baseball and softball hitters? A question that I receive often is from parents or hitters asking about timing or how to fix “lunging”. In my experience, 99% of lunging and timing issues have to do with hitters loading and striding too fast. They “get their foot […]

From Good to Great - Alexa Peterson

Good Is The Enemy Of Great:
The Story of Alexa Peterson

The story of Alexa Peterson is one of an athlete who knew that good is the enemy of great. And she decided she wouldn’t settle for good. You see, Alexa was already good. As a sophomore in 2012 at the University of Oregon, she was a starter at a Pac-12 school, she went to the […]

Top 5 Mistakes Hitters Make in their Stance

Top 5 Mistakes Hitters Make In Their Stance

Here are the Top 5 Mistakes Hitters Make In Their Stance. “It doesn’t matter how you start, but how you finish.” That’s true in many facets of sports, but that’s not true when it comes to the swing. I come across so many hitters that make mistakes in their stance and it causes a domino […]