You’re So Close to the Guidance that Will Change Your Swing.

Normally this SwingBuild™ video is only available to PRO and COACH level memberships, but since you are so close to joining, we wanted to share one of our exclusive training videos. Hope you enjoy access to a SwingBuild™ training video: SwingBuild: Stance

There are always a few questions about whether The Hitting Vault is really as valuable as everyone says it is. The short answer: It is worth it.

For Hitters, there are over 200+ drills. We created a large library because, from experience, we’ve seen that one or two drills can totally unlock a hitter’s swing. You don’t know until you dig in. One drill could take your swing from meh to AMAZING. Different training paths connect with different hitters, so we have the largest, highest-quality, collection of hitting drills online.

Is there a question of value? We get it, this IS NOT an impulse buy, this is an investment. This is an investment for an athlete who’s passionate about the sport and is willing to work hard to get better. For a PRO membership this works out to less than $17 a month. A few coffees and a magazine. Not a big hit. But unlocking the power of your swing? There is no price on that.

COACH, it works out to less than .84 cents a day. That’s all it takes to get that extra edge, the new drill, or even a break from practice planning. It’s seamless to add to your knowledge and experience with real quality drills and a solid hitting philosophy. I’m a coach, so there’s no question that this is built exactly for you. I’ve tried to make this a no-brainer.

Let’s be real, sometimes it’s hard to get one-on-one time with your coach, or the team is on the road, or practice is focusing on defense, or pitching or learning different aspects of the game. The Hitting Vault is a shortcut to what you need to know. Taught by one of the top hitting instructors in the game. This is a can’t-miss buy for any hitter than wants to take the step to the next level.

One more thing: The Hitting Vault is designed equally for baseball and softball hitters. Join today!


Another question we get:

Why is The Hitting Vault a Year Long Membership?

In my 20+ years of coaching, i know that it takes time for an athlete to get better. Yes, the first step is learning the right drills, but the second step is repeating them over and over. It’s why my MLB guys keep practicing the same things everyday. I also know that this is a resources that you need to come back to again and again and review your progress against what we are teaching. There are no quick fixes. The Hitting Vault is a year long membership because I know that that will give you the results you want.

One Last Note for Coaches.

We do anything we can within the rules to give our team an advantage. It’s all part of the game, within the game, within the game. We need to keep our athletes resting and peaking at the right times. But sometimes making a judgement call is very simple. Power = Hits = Runs = Wins.

I’m the first to tell you winning doesn’t always matter, but it sure feels better.