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What Makes The Hitting Vault so Unique?

The Hitting Vault is an elite hitting program taught by Professional Hitting Coach Matt Lisle. Many MLB, collegiate and youth players have trusted Coach Lisle to perfect their swing and he’s putting all of his principles, tips, drills and curriculum in one place, The Hitting Vault, and made them available for baseball and softball players at every level. But there are a few things that make The Hitting Vault completely different than any other program.

What is Coach Lisle’s Approach?

In one word, experience. Coach Lisle has created, studied, and developed this collection of drills because he knows first hand they they can turn a good hitter into a great hitter. The drills are smart and intuitive. Lisle goes in-depth on the philosophy and goals of each drill without being long or boring. This is the exact program that he teaches his MLB clients, but the drills are explained so they make sense to every level of hitter. Coach Lisle teaches these elite body movements and when an athlete repeats these movements, they are learning all the things necessary to reach your goals as a hitter.

Baseball vs. Softball

This may be a surprise to some readers, but the path to learn and develop a powerful swing in baseball and softball are identical. Of course there is a difference in the approach in the batters box, situational hitting and pitch recognition. But, the way The Hitting Vault looks at it; an elite swing is an elite swing. The Hitting Vault gives equal time to both types of athletes. Nearly every drill in The Hitting Vault is demonstrated with a professional baseball and professional softball player. If you want to learn more about Coach Lisle’s philosophy on this topic please read his Baseball Swing vs. Softball Swing blog post.

What do the Drills look like?

There were no shortcuts in the production of these drills. They are shot in beautiful HD with well-spoken sound and clarifying coaching tips. The drills easy to use as building blocks to create a new swing or perfecting the swing you have. Our professional baseball player and professional softball player demonstrate the body movements, their skill can be trusted and watched over and over as prime examples of the body movement we are teaching. Many of the drills include a 3/4 angle view in slow motion which helps hitters see focused of what Coach Lisle is teaching. We’ve shared one of the PRO/COACH drills, One-Handed Drills, so you can get a feel for how they work.

Exclusive Features of The Hitting Vault

The Hitting Vault is organized with players, coaches and parents in mind. The drills can be accessed and learned in these ways:

Focus Tags: Pick from 70+ drills that addresses the phase of the swing you want to learn.

SwingBuild Program: This is the learning path of building a swing from the ground up in logical order. This isn’t just for younger players, this is the proven blueprint that Coach uses with all of his professional hitters.

Flaws and Fixes Modules: Click on your flaw, weakness or struggle and The Hitting Vault will group a module of drills that will help you address your area of concern. We’re offering over 25 Flaws and Fixes Modules.

No other hitting program is built with such versatility around a deep library of hitting drills. All focused on teaching the hitter how to hit the ball harder and further than ever before. Coaches absolutely love this approach.

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FAQ. Answers to Additional Questions:

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What exactly is included with each annual membership?

STARTER Member – $149/year

  • Access to 22 Hitting Drill Videos
  • Flaws and Fixes Training Modules
  • Focus Tags Training Path
  • Coach Lisle’s Weekly Hitting Tips
  • Exclusive Vault-Tested product offers and member pricing

  • PRO Member – $199/year

  • Access to all 70+ Hitting Drill Videos
  • Exclusive SwingBuild Training Program
  • SwingFit – Guided strength and conditioning program
  • Flaws and Fixes Training Modules
  • Bat Speed Training E-Book (PDF)
  • Focus Tags Training Path
  • Coach Lisle’s Weekly Hitting Tips
  • Exclusive Vault-Tested product offers and member pricing

  • COACH Member – $299/year

  • Access to all 43 Hitting Drill Videos
  • Exclusive SwingBuild Training Program
  • SwingFit – Guided strength and conditioning program
  • Flaws and Fixes Training Modules
  • Bat Speed Training E-Book (PDF)
  • Pre-Game Team Hitting Plan (PDF)
  • Team Hitting Plan (PDF)
  • Swing: Mechanics & Science Blog
  • Exclusive access to COACHES ONLY private Facebook group
  • Focus Tags Training Path
  • Coach Lisle’s Weekly Hitting Tips
  • Exclusive Vault-Tested product offers and member pricing
  • What are future plans for The Hitting Vault?

    This is a team sport, so we understand that this instruction would be really valuable to have for your whole team to Unlock Their Power. In the coming months we are planning on launching an affiliate program so you can share The Hitting Vault with your teammates. Members, stay tuned.

    PRO and COACH Memberships gain have access to purchasing video swing analysis and evaluations from The Hitting Vault, Coach Lisle and his coaching staff oversee all swing analysis.

    Can I share my membership with my friend or teammate?

    There is no way we can prevent you from doing that. However, we do feel that The Hitting Vault is a valuable resource that when followed will provide tons of benefit to the user. We think that our current prices are more than fair and we encourage each household or coach to have their own membership. Our membership fees allow us to provide you with world-class hitting resources and content. Without these fees, we wouldn’t be able to continue doing that. In certain cases, memberships that are being accessed by and over 4 devices, will be locked and temporarily suspended.

    Can I upgrade my membership?

    Yes, inside your member profile will be an option where you can upgrade from STARTER to a PRO or COACH level membership. PRO can also easily upgrade to COACH for instant access to the upgraded content. Membership upgrades and renewals are not eligible for refunds.

    Do the memberships renew?

    Yes, for the convenience of our members, our memberships renew automatically on an annual basis. We send out an email one month before renewal as a reminder, so if you are chose not to renew, you have plenty of time to make that change before the next year is processed. This helps members keep their profiles active through the renewal process.

    Do you offer refunds?

    If you didn’t think that Coach Lisle’s drills, programs and training aren’t world-class, we are happy to refund your membership, no questions asked. Refunds may only be issued within 30 days of the purchase date. After 30 days no refunds can be processed. The only way we process a refund request is when they are initiated by the customer through their member profile by “cancelling” their membership. An email from a member to support does not qualify as a refund request. Login, click on “My Account” in the upper right and follow instructions. Please note that membership renewals are not refundable.

    Can I cancel my annual membership?

    Yes, you can cancel at any time, but our strict policy is that after 30 days, memberships are never refunded or pro-rated. Membership upgrades are not eligible for refunds.

    What are The Hitting Vault’s Terms of Use and Privacy policy?

    Yes, we have terms of use for using the website and a privacy policy that can be viewed here.