Caity - 12 Yrs Old Big Goal

Goal: Break Lauren Chamberlain’s All-Time College HR Record

The Hitting Vault: Member Spotlight When I first met Caity B. she was an athletic 10-year-old that I saw a ton of potential in. Now as a 2 year veteran (haha) member of The Hitting Vault, I’ve seen some incredible progression. Caity first started playing right before she turned 9 for the local rec team […]

Baseball and Softball - How to Deal With a Slup

Best Way To Break “The Slump”

If you’ve played, coached or have kids playing baseball or softball one of the hardest things to do is break the slump. Every February, all of my MLB Hitters that spent the last 2-3 months with me, head off to Spring Training feeling on top of the world. For some, we spent the off-season rebuilding their […]

Jose Bautista - from 14 to 50

How This MLB Player Went From 14 HR to 50 (Without Changing His Swing)

What is the concept of slow to fast for baseball and softball hitters? A question that I receive often is from parents or hitters asking about timing or how to fix “lunging”. In my experience, 99% of lunging and timing issues have to do with hitters loading and striding too fast. They “get their foot […]

From Good to Great - Alexa Peterson

Good Is The Enemy Of Great: The Story of Alexa Peterson

The story of Alexa Peterson is one of an athlete who knew that good is the enemy of great. And she decided she wouldn’t settle for good. You see, Alexa was already good. As a sophomore in 2012 at the University of Oregon, she was a starter at a Pac-12 school, she went to the […]

Top 5 Mistakes Hitters Make in their Stance

Top 5 Mistakes Hitters Make In Their Stance

Here are the Top 5 Mistakes Hitters Make In Their Stance. “It doesn’t matter how you start, but how you finish.” That’s true in many facets of sports, but that’s not true when it comes to the swing. I come across so many hitters that make mistakes in their stance and it causes a domino […]

Tim Tebow Batting Analysis

Does Tim Tebow have a MLB swing?

Former NFL quarterback and college star Tim Tebow announced that he is actively pursuing a career in pro baseball. Tim Tebow’s baseball swing has been analyzed a lot over the past couple years, even as he sees some success playing minor league baseball. For almost the past year, Tebow has been training in Arizona and […]