Goal: Break Lauren Chamberlain’s All-Time College HR Record

Goal: Break Lauren Chamberlain’s All-Time College HR Record

The Hitting Vault: Member Spotlight

When I first met Caity B. she was an athletic 10-year-old that I saw a ton of potential in. Now as a 2 year veteran (haha) member of The Hitting Vault, I’ve seen some incredible progression.

Caity first started playing right before she turned 9 for the local rec team and She fell in love with hitting the moment she picked up a bat and has never looked back. She is dedicated.

When she first became a member of The Hitting Vault in the Spring of 2015 her exit speed was in the mid-50’s which is great for her age. Now in 2017, her exit speed is in the upper 70’s consistent which for a 12-year-old is off the charts! Her exit speed record of 77 is the highest I’ve ever seen on video of a 12-year-old female (Our goal for HS girls is 70).

Caity uses The Hitting Vault religiously. She swings around 800-1000 swings a week. She’s not the biggest player at 5 foot 3, so she really counts on and needs to have great mechanics.

Her favorite softball hitting drill in The Vault is the Bat Path Drill as she says she does this is drill every single day. This drill has really taught her how to feel the separation from her hips and shoulders and get her bat on the right path.

She is an absolute student of hitting and most evenings you’ll find her watching video of MLB at-bats, studying different hitter’s mechanics along with some of her favorite collegiate players.

She said that her career goal is to break Lauren Chamberlain’s all-time college HR record. I love that she’s dreaming big.

Over the course of the last year, she’s just started playing showcases in the fall and has already received plenty of interest from SEC and Pac-12 schools.

You could start the same hitting program that Caity follows today. Join for a year and see where The Hitting Vault can take your swing.


Coach Lisle: Founder of The Hitting Vault

Coach Matt Lisle is baseball’s most widely followed hitting coach. After stints coaching college ball, associate scouting for the Detroit Tigers he started The Hitting Vault in 2014. Coach Lisle has 17+ years of experience in hitting instruction, speaking at leading conventions around the country and providing private lessons to pros, collegiate athletes, and amateurs alike. Coach Lisle’s motivational approach to the game, combined with his passion and positive reinforcement, have made him one of the most sought-after hitting gurus in baseball. The Hitting Vault is the premier online hitting membership, with the largest collection of hitting drills online.

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