Are you a switch hitter? Or are you training switch hitters? There’s a good balance you have to have when training a switch hitter. Coach Lisle let’s you know in this week’s video the best way to do that!

If you’re a member of The Hitting Vault, you’ve probably noticed that Tillman Pugh is one of the players in the Vault videos. He is a switch hitter. I think in some of the videos he hits right-handed. In some of the videos, he hits left-handed.

I would say that in my off seasons and spring training’s working with him, and other switch hitters that I’ve had, it’s really dependent on that person.

I try to get as much feel-back from them. Constantly asking them questions Like, “hey, how are you feeling from the right side, left side? Do you want to spend a little bit more time on the left side today? Do you want to spend a little more time on the right side?”

As a hitting coach working with switch hitters, I think the most important thing is just trying to get that feel from the hitter. I feel really good from the right side or no I feel like I’m doing this.

Usually, it’s people who are naturally on one side. For example, If they’re naturally right-handed and they’re trying to hit left-handed, maybe we’re going to spend more time on the movement piece of the left-hand side.

Maybe it’s 75% of the time on that. I would just say it’s a case-by-case situation. I would say that a lot of college players give those guys hard times because they always feel like they get more extra hitting than everybody else. They’re only a switch hitter because they want the extra swings. And so I think you just have to be careful about how much you give them.

So if they’re going to take 20 swings a day or 100 swings in the day, they’re not getting 150 because they’re a switch hitter. But we’ve got to figure out what is the one area we want to work on. If it’s hitting live pitching, maybe it’s 50/50. And we’ve got to be able to attack their deficiency a little bit longer.

If I have someone who’s really good from the right side and they need more work on the left side, I might spend a little more time on that side. At the end of the day its really about feel, we want our hitters to get to a point where they feel equally as confident on both sides of the plate.

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