Tee ball is where it all begins! It’s so important to help cultivate an environment of excitement, fun, and learning, and not of fear! Coach Lisle gives you tips in this week’s video on how to help kid’s enjoy the game ultimately inspiring them to continue playing for years to come.

I want to share a special message specifically for tee ball parents and coaches. I want to help you make sure that this game is something that your players love and they want to do for a very long time.

Best Advice for Tee Ball Parents and Coaches

My best advice is to make sure that when you introduce the game of baseball and they have their first t-ball practice, that you make those practices really fun. You find ways to introduce the game in a way that doesn’t have any fear involved.

One of the ways to take fear out of the game of baseball and the fear of the ball is to introduce the game with Wiffle balls. You know backyard Wiffle ball is a great way to do that. And practice is the same thing. Using a tennis racquet with some Wiffle balls to hit them pop flies. As a Tee Ball coach or parent with young players just getting into baseball, wiffle balls can be your best friend. Simply because a wiffle ball is not going to hurt when they try to catch it.

Teaching the Fundamentals of Throwing

Another useful drill I’ve found when it comes to pitching and learning how to throw for the very first time, is to set up a target on a bucket and having them throw balls at the target and try to knock it off a bucket. You can even make a game out of it, give prizes for the most hits of the target, or the most hits in a row without missing.

Batting helmets generally work as a good target for this, and it really creates a fun way for the kids to practice throwing and have some fun throughout the process!

The #1 Tip for Tee Ball Parents and Coaches

My best advice for tee ball practices and introducing new movements is trying to do it in a way where the kids don’t know that they’re learning. Structure practices or backyard time in a way that the kids are just having fun and playing a game in a way that they don’t even realize that they’re putting in the work to learn the game. They’re just enjoying it and having fun.

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