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It’s our goal to create an engaging, powerful product for you. We think this is the BEST VALUE for the best INSTRUCTION available. Obviously, if you are on the SUPPORT page you are needing some sort of assistance. Just know, we are going to everything to help you. We ask that you please understand that we are a small business (very small business) and we typically need at least 48 hrs to respond to emails.

1.) Read the FAQ

Take an 4 extra minutes to read the instructions below. 94% of all support issues we get from our members can be solved by reading and following the instructions listed below.

This is likely the QUICKEST way to get something sorted out.

Account Support

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The colors can help you understand what content is associated with what membership. Video thumbnails and keyframes have the color in the top left corner.

Drill videos that are available on STARTER, PRO, COACH and MVP Membership

Drill videos that are available for PRO, COACH and MVP Memberships.

Looking to download the:
Game Day Guide (PRO/COACH/MVP)
Bat Speed Training Program (PRO/COACH/MVP)
Pre-Game Hitting Plan (COACH/MVP)
SwingFit Coaches Guide (COACH/MVP)
Team Hitting Plan (COACH/MVP)
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Reviewing Your Account
You can review all charges on your membership, including initial membership and membership upgrades by going to your My Account page and by looking at the bottom of the of your account page.

You can also review the start date of your membership. That is the date that your annual membership will renew for the following year.

Upgrading Your Membership
Our system allows for existing members to purchase membership upgrades with one-click upgrades. All membership upgrades make additional content available to members instantly. They are also prorated. Which means if you have a STARTER membership for 6 months and then upgrade to PRO you are only going to be charged for half of the difference between STARTER and PRO memberships. Membership upgrades are non-refundable.

Annual Renews
Annual renewals are simple and are necessary to keep your account active after the first year. You’ll be charged exactly one year after your initial membership for the next year. Just so our members know, we’ll send out reminder emails about a month before the membership renews in case you decide you aren’t going to stay on with The Hitting Vault or you want to change your membership level for the next year. Another reason we do annual renewals is because as our membership offering grows, we know that members want continuity, not starting over from year to year. Membership renewals are non-refundable.

Canceling Membership
You can cancel your membership at any time from your My Account page. It’s clearly marked on the page. We offer a generous 30-day risk-free, no questions asked membership refund. After 30 days, no refunds will be issued for canceled memberships. The Hitting Vault offers no exceptions to this rule.

2. Contact us via e-mail

Email us at [email protected] (but before you just email us, please try option 1!)