Step Up to the Plate: SwingBuild+ Now Just $49

Swingbuild overview

Exclusive to The Hitting Vault members no more! For a brief period, we're opening the gates to our cornerstone program, SwingBuild™, offering it with lifetime access. This isn’t just a deal; it's a game-changer for only $49 — slashed from our regular $99.





Dive Deep with SwingBuild+

SwingBuild™ is the culmination of years of expertise, research, and results from Coach Lisle and The Hitting Vault team. Designed to recalibrate and enhance every aspect of your swing, SwingBuild+ delivers an unparalleled depth of training — now with the added benefits and drills of our plus version. It's an all-encompassing program that promises not just improvement but transformation

Why SwingBuild+ Stands Out:

  • Lifetime Access: A rare opportunity to own the SwingBuild™ program forever, with no annual membership necessary.
  • Beyond the Basics: With SwingBuild+, you delve into over 30+ detailed, advanced drills. This program meticulously breaks down the intricacies of a powerful swing from stance to follow-through.
  • Tailored and Comprehensive: Designed as an elaborate journey through the core mechanics of hitting, it also offers flexibility with immediate impact. You could see a notable difference in your hitting power and precision from the very first session.
  • Supportive Community: Gain exclusive access to our community, a space for continuous growth, where Coach Lisle, THV coaches, and fellow hitters share insights, progress, and encouragement.
  • From Fundamentals to Advanced Mastery: Whether you want to solidify your foundation or refine advanced techniques, SwingBuild+ covers everything. This includes mastering the load and launch position, perfecting your swing path, and everything in between.

Limited-Time Offer: Transform Your Hitting Journey

SwingBuild+ is an invitation to redefine your potential and achieve the excellence you’ve been aiming for. It’s not just about hitting harder; it’s about hitting smarter, with more confidence and consistency.

Are You Ready to Unlock Your Hitting Power?

This exclusive offer is fleeting, much like the perfect pitch. Secure your lifetime access to SwingBuild+ today and begin the journey to unlocking your full hitting potential. Be swift; this offer is as limited as it is transformative.

"Now I take the swing I want with every at bat. I brought Coach Lisle in because of his knowledge of swing mechanics and his attention to detail. I love the results. The Hitting Vault is an incredible resource for hitters of all ages."

Chicago Cubs, World Series Champion

"I know that there are MLB players that have really had their swing revamped by Lisle. I’m one of them. Matt helped me a ton."

Seattle Mariners, MLB All Star

"Coach Lisle has the knowledge and ability to assist any player at any point in their career. My daughter, Alexa Peterson, gain almost .150 points in her batting average in one season and become the PAC-12 Batting Champion in 2013! Coach Lisle genuinely cares about each player. I’m excited that The Hitting Vault will make his guidance available everywhere."

Parent of an NFCA All-American, PAC-12 Batting Champion

"Matt Lisle’s, The Hitting Vault, breaks down the swing in a simple way. This is great for all hitters that are learning the proper mechanics and fundamentals of how the body works. His experience as a hitting coach is beneficial for all hitters of all ages."

Head Softball Coach, University of Texas

"In my time as a professional softball player... and as a D1 hitting coach... I have worked with many incredible hitting minds, Coach Matt Lisle being at the top of that list. The immediate improvement hitters see after working with him is unprecedented."

3 Time NCAA All-American, 2012 NPF Offensive Player of the Year

"I would go as far to say that Coach Lisle is a better teacher of hitting than 95% of the coaches in pro ball, including the guys in the big leagues."

Former Houston Astros, Baltimore Orioles, MLB Urban Youth Academy