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Team Memberships

Team Memberships

TEAM Memberships now available from The Hitting Vault!

Since day one, The Hitting Vault has been offering the best hitting drills and instructional videos for baseball and softball hitters and coaches. “The Vault” has become the highest-rated, most trusted online baseball and softball hitting and coaching tool. Taught by Coach Lisle, social media’s most popular hitting instructor, The Hitting Vault guides players through a proven system that teaches hitters to hit the ball harder and further than ever before.

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The Hitting Vault is very excited to now offer TEAM Memberships. Our individual memberships are very popular, but many coaches have been asking. “How can we get our entire team on a membership with The Hitting Vault?” The demand for TEAM membership has been huge. Coaches want to be able to share the right drills with the right athletes, they want to build practice plans where athletes know how to efficiently approach working on their swing. Here’s an overview of what’s included with a Hitting Vault membership and you can start to see why it would give your TEAM the ultimate advantage at the plate.

TEAM memberships include SwingFit™

The video above explaining how “The Vault” works mentioned SwingFit™. It’s really important if you are considering a TEAM membership that we detail how SwingFit works because it’s included with your membership! SwingFit is two (2) 8-week strength and conditioning programs specifically designed for baseball and softball athletes. For 3 days each week, SwingFit guides athletes through the workouts on their mobile device. Workouts are typically completed in under 30 minutes. Coaches can send their team through this program as many times as they’d like. We also provide a PDF of all of the SwingFit workouts for coaches that want to printout the workouts for their team.

We’ve created SwingFit for younger athletes that aren’t ready to do more advanced weight lifting or for TEAMS that don’t have access to a gym. Some of our more advanced athletes use SwingFit on the road when they don’t have access to a gym. Or SwingFit Elite can guide more advanced athletes through optimized weight-lifting and body movement plan that will build strength, increase power and create more flexibility.

With a PRO membership, all the athletes on your TEAM get access to all 75+ Hitting Drill and Instructional vidoes, plus all 60+ SwingFit exercise videos. Every player gets access to our PRO Resource section. COACHES get additional resources (Team Hitting Plan & Pre Game Hitting). In addition, COACHES get access to the whole community of coaches in our Private Coaches Only Facebook Group. It’s an incredible community with lively discussions and extra content.


Of course your next question is about the price. Our normal pricing for PRO membership is $199/year and for COACH is $299/year. Our individual memberships are an incredible value, but we understand that is difficult to make that pencil out for your entire team or organization. So we’ve created a discount for entire teams and our pricing reflects our commitment to getting entire team’s learning how to hit together.


Team Membership Pricing
Athletes on Team Regular Price BONUS for Coaches Annual Price* OR Monthly Price**
10 PRO Memberships $1,990 Two (2) FREE COACH Memberships ($598 Value!)
12 PRO Memberships $2,380 Two (2) FREE COACH Memberships ($598 Value!)
15 PRO Memberships $2,985 Two (2) FREE COACH Memberships ($598 Value!)
20 PRO Memberships $3,980 Two (2) FREE COACH Memberships ($598 Value!)

*Annual TEAM Memberships are a one-time charge and does not auto-renew.
**Monthly TEAM plans require a one-year commitment.

Additional information about TEAM Memberships

If you have more than 20 athletes in your program that you’d like to have a full membership, please email us and let us know what you’d like and we can create a custom solution for you.

Many college programs use the TEAM membership as a way to keep their athletes working during their down time. College coach’s time with athletes is limited, so The Hitting Vault is a tool to help keep them on track. This includes off-season times that are completely dark with no contact from the coaching staff.

Our program is about developing the most powerful swing possible, and unlocking an athlete’s potential. It’s great for a TEAM because The Hitting Vault doesn’t “prescribe” certain ways of doing things for each athlete. We’ve never wanted to create hitting robots. We want athletes to make athletic movements with their body (in the right sequence) to create their most powerful swing. Because of this athletes of all sizes and experience can go through SwingBuild and the other guided learning paths and find their swing. These principles guide how a baseball player OR a softball player would learn to move their body and generate power, so we have a pro baseball and a pro softball player demonstrating the movements in almost all of our videos.

If you’re already an individual COACH or PRO member we’ll gladly use what’s remaining on your membership to add more athlete memberships for your team. Reach out to [email protected] with any additional questions about how to handle your existing membership.

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