Top hand-bottom hand isolation are common drills for hitters, but are you doing them or teaching them correctly?

Are you teaching how to turn the barrel or instilling the bad habit of pushing the hands to the ball?

Coach Lisle teaches you what your intent should be behind doing top hand and bottom hand drills and how to do them effectively.

The Hitting Vault does talk a little bit about top hand and bottom hand when it comes to hitting drills for baseball and softball. I would tell you it’s more so about learning how to turn and control the bat, make it more of a strength issue, than it is an actual hand and controlling the bat.

That’s why when it comes to one-handed drills, I really shy away from them as much as possible, because most the time it’s like they’re trying to use their arms to swing the bat. You’ll see that if you watch kids, college players– that’s what they do.

What is the Goal of One-Handed Drills?

What I really want them to do is just to be able to turn and control the barrel. And in my experience, that’s usually a strength issue.

So I like to do top hand-bottom hand drills in the sense of understanding how their bodies are working, and how they have strength. Can they control the barrel here, if I just add this top hand, can they control the barrel by doing this?

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Turns and Bat Control vs Hand Control

You’ll see that if I have a hitter that drops the barrel a lot, they lose the barrel a lot, their first move is to lose the barrel, that might be a drill that I would focus on. I’ll call it top-hand drill because it’s the top hand holding the bat, but it’s really a shoulder-turn drill more so than a hand drill. I’m trying to teach them how to turn and have bat control, versus trying to have good hand control.

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