Helpful for hitters learning to decelerate their front hip as well as helping their shoulder direction.

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There are two Top Hand Deceleration drills that are helpful for hitters who are learning how to decelerate their front hip, they also help with shoulder direction.

For the first drill, the hitter will have a PVC pipe and they're going to go into their launch position, nice and wide. The PVC pipe will be right in line with their front shoulder, with thier hand about shoulder height. They're going to start with the ball in their top hand making sure that our knob is down towards the catcher. From there, the hitter is going to throw the ball working underneath their head, without trying to pull that shoulder out, then they're going to release it and throw it straight.

One thing we don't want to see is a straight down movement, throwing the ball down. We want to work underneath, so it's going to have an upward trajectory. We also want to make sure that the elbow stays connected with our shoulder and our body as we go towards the ball. The elbow should keep that angle going all the way through, working underneath the head and then working a slight trajectory up.

This can be a difficult drill for hitters that are right-handed throwers but left-handed hitters, because it's their non-dominant hand. But it's a great drill to help them create that strength and also helps them start to understand how that non-dominant hand is supposed to work towards the ball.

For the second drill, we're going to have the hitter start in their launch position. They're going to have the bat in their top hand, they can choke up a little bit. The front hand is going to hold on to the ball and it's going to have their hand positioned very similar where we just had the PVC pipe.

So they're going from launch position again, working that barrel underneath their head, not pushing it straight down or getting disconnected early. They're going to make contact with the ball going through, also making sure that their chest faces the pitcher. For both drills, we want to make sure that the hitter isn't just staying closed with the chest. We do want the chest to open, but it needs to work underneath and then open up.

Again, these drills are really helpful for resisting and decelerating that front hip, so the hitter doesn't just spin open. It also helps with the direction of the shoulders going to center first, not immediately opening up.

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The Hitting Vault is an elite hitting program taught by Professional Hitting Coach Matt Lisle. Many MLB, collegiate and youth players have trusted Coach Lisle to perfect their swing and he’s putting all of his principles, tips, drills and curriculum in one place, The Hitting Vault, and made them available for baseball and softball players at every level.

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This may be a surprise to some readers, but the path to learn and develop a powerful swing in baseball and softball are identical. Of course there is a difference in the approach in the batters box, situational hitting and pitch recognition. But, the way The Hitting Vault looks at it; an elite swing is an elite swing. The Hitting Vault gives equal time to both types of athletes. Nearly every drill in The Hitting Vault is demonstrated with a professional baseball and professional softball player.

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