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No matter what type of bat or ball you are using, or what level you are playing, there are two things that will determine your power output–how fast the ball leaves the bat and whether you are putting the ball on the ground or in the air. The metrics we use to measure these are […]

At The Hitting Vault, we love nothing more than to hear about the success of our members! We recently had one of our members reach out to us regarding her two sons who have seen some tremendous success at the high school and now college level. Jorge and Jesse Garcia, two power-hitting brothers from the […]

Picking the right softball bat can be one of the most important, and difficult decisions you can make as a hitter.  Ultimately when picking a softball bat, it will come down to comfort and feel. There are guidelines for heights and weights and certain drop sizes but it really depends on what you feel comfortable […]

At The Hitting Vault, we preach the importance of elite swing movements and will take that over the hottest bat on the market any day of the week. However… We know many of our members at The Vault and players out there have to use a bat to damage, so let’s talk about how to […]