What Should YOUR 2 Strike Approach Be?

Bo Bichette’s at bat here = Phenomenal!

Battling to 3-2 and going 13 pitches is great in itself, but to still be swinging with the intent to do damage when he gets to 2 strikes it what is even more exciting here!

Sure he may eliminate his leg kick to help with timing and simplify things, but he’s not just trying to just put it in play for a weak ground ball. Good things happen when you are NOT in a timid and defensive mindset with two strikes.

With that said, here are some key reasons for why it may be more advantageous for you to NOT swing to do damage with you get to 2 strikes.

1. If your team’s competition isn’t very good.

Your average high school team, as well as young travel ball teams, to simply “put the ball in play” often works well to score runs because the defense has a higher chance of not fielding the ball cleanly or throwing it away.

2. If you’re a hitter that struggles with squaring up the ball.

If you struggle to square up the ball, we’d first suggest becoming a member of The Hitting Vault! But in the mean time, if your best option to score a runner at third is to shorten up and put the ball in play, then that’s your best option.

3. If your team struggles to produce any runs.

If your team struggles to squeak runs across, then “just putting the ball in play” may be the best option for the team.

Minus these three reasons, we love to see hitters that are battling and swinging to do damage like how Bichette did here.

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