What SHOULD’VE Happened on the Little League Foul/Fair Ball Call

What SHOULD’VE Happened on the Little League Foul/Fair Ball Call

There’s been lots of discussion about the extra inning foul/fair ball call in Thursday’s Regional game between Oregon and Washington. It was the bottom of the 7th, tie ball game, Washington had a runner at first. A ground ball was hit down third base line. The home plate umpire called it fair, the field umpire called it foul.

The runner from first scored, as the defense let up going after the ball thinking it was foul. After review, it was deemed it was in fact a fair ball and therefore the game was over. Technically it was the home plate umpires call…

BUT what SHOULD have happened was because the field umpire called it foul, it should’ve been ruled a foul ball and everyone goes back to where they were.

Per Little League rules, foul and fair balls can be reviewed. So therefore Washington could have reviewed it. If in fact they deemed it fair, then runners should have been awarded based on which base the umpires think they would have gotten to with it being a live ball. Our opinion (runners stay at 2nd and 3rd.)

This was definitely a tough way to end the game, but umpires are human and make mistakes. Congrats to Washington on advancing and to Oregon on an amazing season!

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