Have you been on the fence about getting a Hitting Vault membership? Find out all the resources we have available to our members in this week’s video!

I want to share with you all the great features and programs that are built into the Hitting Vault. For example, you get 100+ hitting drills for both baseball and softball, covering the swing from A to Z. We also have the Swing Build program that covers the swing from grip, all the way through finish, explaining each phase of the swing.

Guided Programs

A new resource that we have for our members is called Swing 30. Swing 30 is a great resource for those who want to start from the very beginning and build a swing. Every day we guide you, step by step, into building that great swing that you want to have. We will start simple with things like stance and grip, and by the end of the program you’ll know how to have the proper finish and the elite swing movements.

Flaws and Fixes

When hitters and coaches come to us for help, often times they are facing specific issues. They come to us for answers. We’ve taken note of these common issues and included them in our flaws and fixes section. For example, if you have hitters that are lunging, or maybe they’re stepping in the bucket, or dropping their back shoulder, maybe they’re pulling off the ball or rolling over, you can pick specific issues that you want to deal with to attack them with drills, specifically for that.

Increasing Bat Speed

We also have our bat speed training program, which focuses on overload and under-load training, specifically to help you swing the bat faster. Increased bat speed leads to greater exit speed, which translates to more power, more distance, more hits, and more bases. Basically more of everything a hitter wants.

If you have a good bat path and the correct body movements to contact, increasing your bat speed will NEVER hurt you as a hitter.

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Youth Athlete Drills

Another question that we receive a lot here at The Hitting Vault goes something like this…. “My son/daughter is only 8 years old, is The Vault going to be too much for them?”

The answer to this question is usually that it depends! But we do have hitters as young as 6 years old working on our hitting drills! One of the features of the Vault that is really helpful for young players and parents of young players is that we have drills filmed with young athletes, demonstrating the drills.

I know for a lot of parents it’s really helpful, and it really helps the young athletes to be able to see that as well. It gives them the ability to really feel like they have the confidence to do the drill.

Game Day Guide

As the great Yogi Berra once said, “Baseball is ninety percent mental and the other half is physical.”

Members also get our game day guide. It really helps you to figure out, how do I go from the things I learned in the cage to the mental approach that it takes to be successful on game day?

Baseball and Softball Workout Programs

For hitters that are looking for a specific strength training program we have Swing Fit. Swing Fit and Swing Fit Elite are strength and conditioning programs inside of the Vault that are available to Pro and Coach members. SwingFit provides two eight-week strength training programs that help hitters become powerful and strong. Focusing on the specific muscle groups that are needed for baseball and softball hitters.

Swing Analysis

Included in your Hitting Vault membership is access to our swing analysis, which is done by one of the coaches on the Hitting Vault staff. These are great for new members that are looking for what drills to focus on in The Vault. We sell them in packages of 1 or two swing analysis, and have found this to be a great way to gauge progress of the hard work our members put into the program,

All of the things that I’ve covered are included in the Pro membership, but I’d like to talk to you a little bit about the Coach membership, and what is included with that.

What’s Included with a Coach Membership

One of my favorite features of the Hitting Vault is the private Facebook group that coaches get access to. It’s a great community for coaches. And we’re seeing a lot of great ideas shared inside that room.

Team Hitting Plan

Also included with the Coaches membership is a Team Hitting Plan for coaches who have multiple hitters that they work with, and they want to have a daily hitting plan or a weekly hitting plan that helps organize all of their hitters in the groups, and to sections and drills that help you have a team setting.

Pre-Game Hitting Plan

As coaches, we want to know, how do I get my team ready to hit for the game? Coach members get a pre-game hitting plan that walks you through everything you need to do for pregame. The pre-game hitting plan is the exact same plan that I use with my teams to get them ready to do damage at the plate during the game.

SwingFit Coaches Guide

If you’re looking for a team strength and conditioning program, we have that in the Vault for you too. A team swing fit guide that will guide you through an eight-week plan to get your hitters bigger and stronger.

Are you ready to get started?

I’ve gotten you through all of the features of the Hitting Vault, and you can see why it’s the most comprehensive hitting program on the internet today.

Now is your opportunity to join us, as so many coaches, parents, and players have.

$199 for Pro and $299 for Coach, giving you this special offer to unlock your power, unlock your best swing and start doing damage at the plate.