Ready to Give the Joy and Confidence That Comes from Hitting the Snot Out of the Ball? Yes! Show Me How

Coach Lisle answers one of the most difficult questions that parents have– at what age should I start my child in hitting lessons or The Hitting Vault? You don’t want to be a parent that forces the sport on them or cause them to burn out, so what is the best age to start working on their mechanics? Coach Lisle, who has five of his own, tells you how to make this decision.

As a parent in the journey of athletics and youth athletics, our kids start growing up, and we start thinking about specialization. You know, a question that we get a lot is, at what age should we start lessons or the Hitting Vault?

For me, the answer is really dependent on your own child. It really depends on their attention span and their love for the sport.

I’ve done hitting lessons with six-year-olds who have been really engaged and love it. I’ve also done hitting lessons with 12-year-olds who don’t want to be there.

So if you have a child that’s really driven and passionate about hitting in the game of baseball or softball, I would recommend they get started around seven or eight years old at the Hitting Vault. Really, it’s depending on your child, but the sweet spot for most kids is really in the seven to eight-year-old range. That’s the space where kids are starting to really get interested in hitting and wanting to have success at the plate.

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