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SwingFit: Guided Workout Plan for Hitters that want Power.
Strength and conditioning designed SPECIFICALLY FOR BASEBALL AND SOFTBALL ATHLETES from the highest-rated, most-trusted online hitting community: The Hitting Vault.
Build Strength, Power & Flexibility as a Hitter
"One of the best hitting and training resources I've found in over 8 years of coaching youth baseball." -- Erik Viafore (Google Review)
  • Includes both SwingFit™ and SwingFit Elite™ Programs
  • Use weights or body weight - All ages and Ability
  • Developed by a certified trainer for MLB players
  • Tested for a year before public release
  • Two 8-week programs with workouts 3 days a week 
  • Go at your pace or mix into current workout routine
"I love having a plan when I walk into the weight room. I can feel a difference in my strength and I'm only on week 2." 

— Isaac Nolan, H.S. Student-Athlete, Portland, OR.
"My goal for 2019 is to have every player on my team complete SwingFit and show documented growth in times and reps." 

– Coach Mike Williams, Champaign Blue Ice Fastpitch Softball, Champaign, IL
"My boys feel like this is a big time college program workout regimen they can do in the garage. They're right." 

— Brian Duryea, Founder of Just Bat Reviews
What is SwingFit™ & SwingFit™ Elite?
Take the guesswork out of your workout!

The SwingFit training program is designed, tested and optimized specifically for baseball and softball athletes. Developed by The Hitting Vault, SwingFit provides 60 new videos and 2 different 8 week training programs creating a blueprint for unlocking your power.
  • The SwingFit focus is on core strength and stability with the ultimate goal of developing hip power and explosiveness.
  • ​This program is is built for elite level baseball and softball players, as well as younger recreational players.
  • ​Swing Fit Elite: This program is for the athlete that has 3 days a week to commit to training and has a facility to train in (complete with weights, squat racks, medicine balls, dumbbells, kettlebells, etc). 
  • A typical SwingFit workout will last 20-30 minutes and consist of something similar to the following: Warmup: consisting of dynamic warm up, jog, row, etc. Movement Prep: core work, supersets, single arm/isolation movements.
  • ​Example- 3 Sets of alternating between 30 second bent hollow hold and 5 reps/arm of kneeling single arm dumbbell press. Strength: 4 sets of 5 reps of narrow grip bench press, superset with weighted goblet squats. Fit: 3 Rounds of the following exercises: 30 sec jump rope, 30 second rest, 30 second burpees, 30 second rest
  • ​The SwingFit Elite program looks similar, but we’ll utilize gym equipment and the movements will be more advance.
Bottom line—SwingFit is the ultimate training program for BASEBALL and SOFTBALL athletes who want to hit for power!   
Designed for Mobile Devices.
The Hitting Vault has created SwingFit with a "Mobile First" Design approach so you can take your guided workout to the gym, your own garage or the cages and you'll be able to see each movement demonstrated with pefect form. You can keep track of the excercises you complete.