Do you have hitters that “pull their head?” Chances are their body movements are off and they need to be taught what it feels like to turn the right way. By fixing how their body turns, their bat will be in the zone for a longer period of time, cutting down on the swing and misses. Check out how Coach Lisle teaches his hitters to learn to turn more efficiently.

I’m always about exaggerating things. So I would never teach a hitter, whether it’s off the tee, live or front toss, to hit and keep their head in the zone the whole time.

This is not something that I would recommend. They can’t finish their turn, their bodies, in my opinion, are not in good postures. I would not recommend this.

Having said that, if I’m in this situation, I’ve got an 11-year-old kid and they do everything right and then they are pulling their head at contact. Their eyes are traveling here, their shoulders point off, whatever it is, you have to remember that from a turn standpoint we want our head and shoulders to turn together. This is how we want to turn. So a lot of times, when you get hitters first working on their turns, this is what they do. They pull their head, that is a normal movement that we’ll see.


How to Help Hitters that Pull their Head

There are a few things that I like to do when working on turns with my hitters. If my hitters are constantly pulling their head, I’ll ask them these questions to get them back on track.

Can you turn with your eyes still looking at the pitcher?

Can you turn with your eyes still here (eyes looking down where contact would be)?

I would literally force them to be able to stay in the zone and work my way back from that.

And again, exaggerating the feel of certain movements, exaggerating things. I want to say, “Hey, I’m going to throw you live pitching. Can you hit and be down here and finish here, or finish there?

I would say we spend a lot of time with our hitters, focusing on something specific with their eyes. Have them turn, and make sure their eyes stay there. So just exaggerating the feel of it will go a long way for having your hitters feel the correct swing movements.

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