As hitting coaches, we want to help our hitter out so badly, but how do you get them to not overanalyze their swing? How do you quit feeling like you’re a broken record?

Check out the video below to hear Coach Lisle talk about what the secret is to getting your hitter to feel their swing movements and see the results you both are looking for.

I want to talk specifically to hitting coaches right now. As a hitting coach, we all want to get the best out of our hitters. And I think the biggest mistake that a lot of hitting coaches make is that we talk too much.

We talk down to our hitters, we talk, talk, talk at them. And they don’t really understand what we’re trying to teach. And so the Hitting Vault is designed to teach them a field standpoint, teach them how to do the movements without having a lot of talking.

So my best advice to hitting coaches is talk less, do more. Trick them with drills. If you can trick them with drills by learning how to say less and do more, to me that’s the joy of the Hitting Vault is that every drill is really about feel and learning how to do hitting without having to do a lot of talking.

So hitting coaches if you’re watching this, I want you to really evaluate yourself and think about do I talk too much? And how can I trick my hitters with drills? How can I do more and talk less?

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