Legend Vin Scully Dies at 94

On Tuesday Vin Scully, the voice of Dodger baseball for 67 years, passed away in his LA home. He started out in 1950 at age 22 when the Dodgers were in Brooklyn and followed them to LA in 1958. Vin Scully’s Greatest Calls Vincent Edward Scully will go down as arguably the greatest play-by-play broadcaster […]

It’s Official Juan Soto and Josh Bell To Padres

Today’s the day! The MLB trade deadline is today and a trade for the decade is set in stone. A few weeks ago Soto turned down a $440 Million 15-year contract with the Nationals with 2 years left before free agency. Since then it’s been a frenzy over him. The Padres have officially come to […]


How to Swing a Baseball Bat: Six Phases of the Elite Swing

If you are just starting out as a baseball player, chances are you are overwhelmed with the amount of information out there about how to swing a baseball bat. At The Hitting Vault we break down the swing into six simple steps that we call our SwingBuild Program. The SwingBuild Program is available to all […]


7 Fun Baseball Drills and Games for Kids

Practice. It’s amazing how one word can either make a player or coach cringe or smile. While practice is clearly necessary for any sport, often it can become stale and boring. The goal of any coach should be to incorporate a mixture of fun baseball drills and games to keep their players engaged. Coaches: Unlock […]


Travel Baseball: The Ultimate Guide for Parents and Players

For many families, the transition from Little League to travel baseball comes with stress, anxiety and questions about what to look for in a team and what to expect from the experience — not to mention the question of whether making the switch from a more laid-back rec ball program to a more competitive (and […]

5 Indoor Baseball Drills For Hitters

Sometimes, a batting cage or indoor hitting facility is not available. So what indoor baseball drills can you do to work on your swing? Not everyone has access to a cage, and not everyone needs it. Golf Legend Seve Ballesteros grew up hitting pebbles on a beach with a wooden stick. The young man below […]


Baseball Hitting Drills for Power

At The Hitting Vault, we have over 50 baseball hitting drills specifically focused on creating power. In baseball, people often associate the term “power” with gargantuan sluggers hitting baseballs over the Green Monster at Fenway Park. However, you do not have to be six-foot-six to hit for power. LA Dodgers outfielder and 2018 American League […]


5 Baseball Hitting Drills for Nine Year Olds

When you’re looking for baseball hitting drills for nine-year-olds,  it’s important to find a balance between boring drills and movements, and exciting drills to help build the foundation of their swing. As Coach Lisle always likes to say, “we trick our players with drills.” Especially at a young age, tricking your youth hitters with drills […]


3 Baseball Hitting Drills for Beginners

With the amount of content currently surrounding hitting a baseball, it can be a tall order to find baseball hitting drills for beginners. When you’re just starting out, its critical to not ]get overwhelmed with the countless drills and advice out there. Launch angles, exit velocity and exit speed are the up and coming metrics […]