As coaches, sometimes its hard to know when the right time is to focus on body movements versus getting lots of full swing reps in. Coach Lisle lets you know in this week’s video when you should switch your focuses.

It just depends on the part of the season. At the college level, we have the fall. There’s no score in the fall. There are no stats in the fall, so we can spend a great portion of practice time on that.

I would tell you that at the beginning of a season that’s when I would spend a lot more time in my practice plan on movements. Maybe 50% of my time is on movements. But by the time the season starts, it might be one station in our station rotation.

So for example, let’s say your team has six hitting stations for the time that you have, maybe at the beginning of the season you have three movement drills working on turns, working on stride drill, you know you’re emphasizing the fundamentals of movements.

That would be a good thing. And as I get in the season, it’s just one to kind of reinforce and make sure we’re still doing the right movements.

And it really depends on your team, the level that you’re at. So I would try to really emphasize the beginning, “Hey, we’re going to build this base and we’ll reinforce it as we go along.”

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