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A hot topic over the years in hitting has been the debate over whether the baseball swing and softball swing are different. In Coach Lisle’s nearly 18 years of coaching (14 in baseball and 4 in softball), he’s worked with several professional baseball and professional softball hitters. From his experience, he can confidently say, “A good swing is a good swing. Baseball. Softball. The same.”

Check out this video of Coach Lisle as he talks about his thoughts on the two swings.

So let’s talk about baseball versus softball swing. There’s a lot of softball coaches that are tuned in and are here.

And so for me, I’ve been fortunate to work with hitters at very high levels in both baseball and softball, and still working with professional softball players. And the thing that I learned over my years in softball was that the elite hitters– there was not any swing difference. There was no swing pattern changes whatsoever across the board.

As you guys– the softball coaches that are out there– know, softball– there’s a great following in softball. There are a ton of players playing it, coaches playing it. The quality of it, across the board, has really rose over the last few years. And so from a Vault standpoint, when we came and we attacked it, we really wanted to show both sides equally. We wanted as much softball in there as baseball. And for me, that’s what I really enjoy about the Vault.

I love softball just as much as I love baseball. I love being in it and working with players in softball, and I would tell you that from a swing standpoint, for– you guys that are Vault members and people who have been watching the Vault or paying attention to the Vault know that we don’t teach anything different.

But when you’re out there on the field, in travel ball, and you’re out there, you’re going to come across a very large faction of people who think it’s an entirely different swing and teach different things. And for me, it’s just really been something that I have noticed the best hitters do not falter on that at all. And I think that it’s just common sense to me.

When I talk about the riseball in softball and we talk about hitting it, as a hitter, I’ve got this one swing, and I work with this swing all the time. Now you’re telling me with this pitch– this one pitch– I’m going to have a different swing? I don’t know about you guys. I’m not that good of a hitter to be able to recognize the pitch and have a different swing on that pitch than I do something else.

The trajectory of the pitches– I think a lot of times we get arguments of the down angle of the pitches. I hate to tell you, but all softballs are traveling downward at some degree, whether it’s very little or a lot.

So for me, the swing is exactly the same. I hope that for the people that have incorporated the Vault, they know that the results have been the same thing.

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