The Hitting Vault: Everything You Need to Know About The Online Baseball and Softball Hitting Membership

The Hitting Vault: Everything You Need to Know About The Online Baseball and Softball Hitting Membership

The Hitting Vault is a service that’s designed to help baseball and softball athletes of all ages and ability levels become powerful, dynamic hitters. The Hitting Vault is the most popular online hitting program because it guides athletes, coaches and parents with an incredible teaching library and hitting program when it was launched in 2016.


The Hitting Vault Explained

The Hitting Vault coaches hitting using video instruction and drills taught by Coach Matt Lisle, the internet’s most followed hitting coach. The instruction is easy to understand and is trusted by baseball and softball hitters ranging from age 7 all the way up to MLB All-stars.


With The Hitting Vault, athletes and coaches are provided drills and training plans that are designed to help guide them to a clear understanding of hitting and help them meet their goals as an athlete.

About Coach Matt Lisle

The Hitting Vault started in 2016 when demand for Coach Lisle’s instruction had reached a point where he could no longer keep up. The plan was to develop a membership with 40 drills and instruction videos to make his teaching available and affordable for all aspiring athletes and coaches. It has since grown to the largest online hitting community, with a library of over 230+ instructional videos, a community of over 100,000 coaches and athletes.


Coach Lisle currently works with numerous MLB, professional and college players and is a collegiate hitting coach. His social follow is over 1 Million across platforms where he shares encouragement and incredible stories regularly.

Lisle’s knowledge is deeply rooted in all aspects of the game, but his passion and knowledge for hitting has proven to be a game changer for all the hitters he works with. Many know of Coach Lisle through his large social media following where his followers get encouragement, instruction, tips and insights on the game. His positive coaching approach has been a great motivator for players, parents and his peers. Coach Lisle has instilled his philosophy of teaching and sharing in the creation of The Hitting Vault, where our goal is to help every baseball and softball hitter unlock their power.

Accessing The Hitting Vault Videos

The Hitting Vault instructional and coaching content can be watched through the membership portal and streamed on any platform or device. That includes Apple and Android phones, all iPads and tablets and iOS and PC desktop computers. Each membership allows up to four different devices to be logged in for individual use.


The Hitting Vault, which is often referred to as the ultimate “Masterclass” for Baseball and softball hitting instruction, is designed to guide hitting training at home or at the field, with minimal equipment needed in most cases.

Starting a Hitting Vault Membership

The Hitting Vault is accessed through a membership. Annual membership is by far the most popular option, as transformation of an athlete’s swing takes time and commitment. There are quarterly and monthly membership options, however annual is recommended and provides the most value and the best pricing. Members need to have an active membership to access the programs.

Here’s an example of one of the over 230+ instructional videos that are included with a membership subscription with The Hitting Vault.

Types of Membership

Most people interested in The Hitting Vault fall into two different categories, and because of this, The Hitting Vault has two primary levels of membership.


PRO Membership is designed for individual athletes or families, where they can begin getting the high-caliber hitting training at home. One of the features that parents of younger athletes love is called Swing30. It’s a guided daily lesson sent each day in an email that helps guide younger athletes and their parents in exactly what to work on to create a solid foundation for a more powerful swing.

PRO Memberships have access to the entire drill and teaching library of over 230+ videos. This membership level also includes access to the exclusive SwingBuild™ program, Flaws and Fixes Training Modules, The Hitting Vault’s Bat Speed Training Program and drills demonstrated by Young Athletes. Many times athletes that are learning these techniques in practice struggle to translate their swing to a game situation. The Game Day Guide outlines different preparation and approaches that have helped athletes succeed on game day. The Hitting Vault’s PRO Membership also includes the complete guide to understanding and improving Exit Speed.

There are a few coaching specific features that are not included in the PRO Membership that are included in the COACH Membership.


COACH Membership is specifically designed to meet the demands of coaches. So if you’re someone that is coaching a team, teaching lessons or want support in your journey as a hitting instructor, this membership level is designed to help you teach.

In addition to everything that’s included in the Pro Membership, the COACH Membership also includes Team Hitting Plans, Pre-game Hitting Plan, and private access to the THV Coaching staff. This access is via the “Coaches Only” Facebook group which is a robust community of Coaches that are willing to share and support each other on the journey to becoming a coach who can really help teach hitting. The Hitting Vault periodically adds long form videos specifically for COACH Members including: The Hitting Development Roadmap, How to Score More Runs and the most-popular, Hitting Clinic with Coach Lisle.

One other Membership level that The Hitting Vault offers is a Team Membership. This is a way for organizations, leagues and clubs to get all of their coaches and players a Vault subscription at a discounted fee when purchased in volume.


Video Categories

With such a large library of drills, instruction videos and coaching clinics, The Hitting Vault has organized the instructional content to be easy to find as stand alone videos or as a guided sequence of instruction.

The categories include Stride, Separation,Lower Half, Load, Bath Path, Sequence, PVC Warmup, Hip Hinge, Rhythm & Timing, Deceleration, Finish and Ball Flight.

hitting-vault-video-categoriesMany of the drills and videos can be done with minimal, basic equipment. Basic equipment includes a bat, baseballs or softballs, and a tee. To save time and keep focus, a hitting net is also recommended.

The Hitting Vault regularly adds videos that help athletes and coaches with approach and mindset. So whether you are preparing for a showcase, working on a routine in the batter’s box or learning about pitch recognition, there are likely multiple videos covering every aspect of hitting whether it be physical or mental. When potential customers ask if “The Hitting Vault is worth it or not” the comprehensive video library and customer service are often the things that come up that emphatically say “Yes, it is!”


SwingFit™: Strength and Conditioning specifically for Baseball and Softball Athletes

Every PRO or COACH Membership includes full access to The Hitting Vault’s one-of-a-kind strength building program, designed specifically for baseball and softball players.

SwingFit™ and SwingFit™ Elite are 8-week programs that help promote strength building, flexibility and mobility. All important things for an athlete to develop in order to reach their goals as a hitter.


SwingFit focuses on core strength and stability with the ultimate goal of developing hip power and explosiveness. This program is built for elite level baseball and softball players, as well as younger recreational players. There is no need for gym access or additional equipment to do the 8-week SwingFit Program.

SwingFit Elite is for the athlete that wants a 3-days-a-week guided training program and have access to a facility for training. The Elite program uses weights, squat racks, medicine balls, dumbbells, kettlebells, in the training and is designed for more advanced athletes that are serious about building strength, flexibility and mobility.


Both SwingFit and SwingFit Elite are included with PRO and COACH Membership subscriptions.

The Hitting Vault for Beginners

Hitting is hard. That’s why The Hitting Vault has simplified the swing movements, with over 200 drill and informational videos. Within those, there are over 40 specific drills that are tailored just for beginners.

The SwingBuild™ program takes a beginner step by step in a short concise way through the swing. After the SwingBuild program, the Swing30 program goes more in-depth, giving a more holistic view of the swing over the course of 30 days.



The Hitting Vault for Advanced Hitters

The Hitting Vault is not only useful for beginners, but also advanced players. There may be areas that a hitter doesn’t know is holding them back, but The Hitting Vault has every aspect of the swing covered. This includes drills that are more advanced in their movements as well as mental aspects of the game to challenge and grow seasoned hitters.

The Swing30 program is a great way for hitters to go through their swing from beginning to end and diagnose what may be the last missing piece to unlocking their power and potential. For many that is becoming more explosive with their swing and gaining bat speed. We have over 40 drills that help with increasing power and lower half rotation and deceleration. On top of that, the Bat Speed Training program will help hitters maximize their bat speed.

For older, more experienced hitters, learning key phrases and terminology is helpful for continued improvement. Hitters can learn all phases of the swing by watching a recorded clinic done in Chicago, essentially stepping into a private 45 minutes hitting clinic by Coach Lisle.


Baseball Swing vs. Softball Swing

It may be a surprise to some readers, but the path to learn and develop a powerful swing in baseball and softball are identical. Of course there is a difference in the approach in the batter’s box, situational hitting and pitch recognition. But, the way The Hitting Vault teaches hitting; an elite swing is an elite swing. The Hitting Vault gives equal time to both types of athletes.


Nearly every drill in The Hitting Vault is demonstrated with a professional baseball and professional softball player. If you’d like to read more about a Baseball Swing vs. Softball Swing, this article goes into greater detail about the topic.

Content Updates and New Coaches

The Hitting Vault has been adding new and improved content to the membership platform since it started. Since Coach Lisle has always practiced and preached a “growth mindset” some of the drills have been updated and replaced with videos that teach the most effective body movements that an athlete needs to learn.
The Hitting Vault has the largest, most effective library of drills and teaching lessons available. New content is added to the membership periodically. The member blog is also updated frequently with thoughts on cutting edge developments within the world of hitting and use of analytic data to help hitters improve.


The Hitting Vault also has guest coaches that bring additional points of view to the membership. In addition to our full-time coaches: Coach Matt Lisle and Coach Alexa Peterson additional guest coaches Coach Jason Ferber, Coach Lincoln Martin and Coach Tom Eller make contributions to our Membership.

Members Only: Video Swing Analysis

Using video is one of the best modern feedback tools when trying to understand your swing. A fairly new feature with The Hitting Vault is our Video Swing Analysis. Members that chose to participate get instructions how to properly video their swing for one the professional coaches to breakdown and provide feedback.


Along with the benefit of adding the perspective of a professional hitting coach, the Video Swing Analysis will show what the athlete is doing well, and what areas they need to work on to get their body moving properly to generate power and quickness. Along with video and audio feedback on the swing, the member gets a checklist of drills to work to get the improvement they want. Video Swing Analysis is offered for an additional cost and is a service available only for members.

The Hitting Vault: Blast Motion Partnership

If you have a Blast Motion sensor, you know how helpful it can be to give you feedback on your swing. Data collected during practice and even a game can help tell a story that can help development. The Hitting Vault has partnered with Blast Motion to provide instruction videos right in our Membership platform.


How to collect data and how to analyze specific data from your swings. Not only do we offer Blast Motion’s instructional content in the membership, but Coach Lisle and The Hitting Vault coaching staff walk you through real-life scenarios using Blast Motion. Members also have access to purchase Blast Motion sensors through their Hitting Vault membership at a discounted rate.

The Hitting Vault Pricing

The Hitting Vault’s online Hitting memberships are priced at $199 a year for PRO and $299 for a COACH Membership. Prices and membership levels can be viewed on The Hitting Vault’s pricing page. Quarterly subscriptions are also available for the memberships. PRO is $74 quarterly and COACH is $99.

The Hitting Vault 7-day $1 Trial

The team at The Hitting Vault has backed up their commitment to athletes and coaches by making the PRO and COACH Memberships available for 7-days for only $1. During the trial, members get instant access to the complete membership. After 7-days, trials rollover to a full annual membership based on whichever subscription was selected, either PRO or COACH. For continuity, memberships renew annually. Every membership comes with a 30-day, money back guarantee.


Is The Hitting Vault Worth It?

So the question is, when it comes to price value and results does The Hitting Vault deliver on their promise of “Unlocking Your Potential / Unlocking Your Power.” Judging by the member reviews The Hitting Vault does deliver the results hitters, coaches and parents are looking for. The reviews are quite remarkable.

Google Reviews show a 5.0 Star rating over 69 unique reviews.

Facebook Reviews show a 4.9 Start rating based on the opinion of over 194 people.

Bat Digest, the leading unaffiliated bat review site gives The Hitting Vault a rave review.

The Hitting Vault also has a reviews page that highlights what many of the members and pros have to say about Coach Lisle and the membership.

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