Hitting Vault Review: Top 5 Batting Gloves

Hitting Vault Review: Top 5 Batting Gloves

There are a wide array of batting gloves on the market. You can pick them up anywhere from Dick’s Sporting Goods to Big 5 Sports to your local batting cage. There are a lot of options, but which ones are the best?

The following post will cover the top 5 batting gloves on the market based on a couple of different variables. Best protection, price, value, quality and of course the best overall batting gloves that we recommend.

The top 5 batting gloves for 2019 are:

  1. Franklin Pro Classic
  2. Nike Trout Elite
  3. Nike Huarache Elite Batting Glove
  4. Evoshield EVOCHARGE
  5. Marucci Signature Batting Glove

Batting Gloves with the Best Protection


The EVOCHARGE batting glove takes Evoshields best protection technology and puts it into the batting glove while combining it with a high quality sheepskin leather in the palm to give control and feel of the bat.

Too many times in baseball you see a superstar leave the game and hit the Injured List because of an errant fastball that catches a hand. The Evoshield EVOCHARGE aims to prevent that. According to the product description, the batting glove uses “Gel-to-Shell” technology to conform to your hands to protect you from that wild fastball.

It puts the power of the at-bat back into the hitter’s hands, quite literally. When impacted, it is dispersed across the shield, opposed to being absorbed, so you will likely feel a little tingle in your hand, but not a hand you can’t move because it just got hit by a fastball.

The glove comes in five different colorways: black, navy, red, royal, and white. Five color options will help you match at least one of the colors in your team’s uniform. The shield is also hand washable, helping the gloves stay fresh and not stinky.

Batting Gloves with High Price Point

Nike Huarache Elite Baseball Batting Gloves

The Nike Huarache Elite batting gloves are a little high at the $60 price point. While expensive, these gloves are the creme of the crop. These batting gloves go to their elite college teams such as 2019 NCAA Champion Vanderbilt and their favorite school in Oregon. The Nike Huarache Elite Baseball Batting Gloves are designed with premium leather to provide comfort and control.

According to Nike’s product description, the glove offers a “flexible, lightweight cuff that gives you a locked-in feel and minimizes distractions”.The wrist offering a locked in feel and minimal distractions is incredible. How many times have you stepped into the box and felt your batting glove strap start to pull off and you have to re-adjust? Imagine a glove that eliminates that factor and lets you focus on the important things, like hitting the baseball.

New York Yankee shortstop DiDi Gregorious wears these in game for the Pinstripes in the all-white variation. The Huarache Elite comes in five different colorways:

  1. White/Wolf Grey/Chrome
  2. Anthracite/Metallic Red Bronze/Dark Grey
  3. University Red/Chrome/Team Red
  4. Game Royal/Chrome/College Navy
  5. White/Metallic Red Bronze/White

Nike brings it with the Huarache Elite. The batting glove is simple in its features, yet complex in its appearance. It is flashy, high quality, and durable. It might be at the top of the price range, but it is worth every penny.

Batting Gloves for the Best Value

Marucci’s Signature Batting Glove

This line is the best value on the market. You might think $40 is steep for a pair of batting gloves, but these do not fall short of expectations. This line of batting gloves is the professional line that is offered to the general public. It continually passes the test of big leaguers, so it should work for you as well. Like the other gloves listed, the marucci signature batting glove has a sheepskin palm.

The grip is the aspect the people in the comments rave about the most, a comment in the review section said “The Marucci Signature batting gloves are great. They lasted me 3 years of spring and summer baseball. They’re by far the most comfy and durable gloves I’ve owned”.

A batting glove that can last three seasons? That is value right there. Often times people associate value with cheap, this isn’t it. You’re paying for $40 of batting gloves and you’re going to get it. I have had this pair before in the past and they’ve lasted me seasons before as well, and I would buy them again.

The Marucci Signature Series comes in five colorways:

  1. White/White 
  2. White/Navy
  3. White/Royal
  4. White/Red
  5. White/Black

Batting Gloves with the Best Quality

Nike Trout Elite Batting Gloves

Nike is at it again, the Trout Elite Batting Gloves are the best quality (and the highest price) on the market. Mike Trout is undeniably the best player in major league baseball, and these gloves are built for him. The gloves are described as being “for the ultimate five-tool player… they are comfortable, durable, lightweight, breathable, and flexible”. What else do you need in a batting glove?

The glove features premium smooth leather in the palm for durability and comfort, has a flexible overlay on the back of the hand to eliminate annoying bunching of material. The cuff is lightweight and flexible yet conforms to your wrist to cut down on distractions.

The Nike Trout Elite comes in at $65. You’re paying for the best materials, the best build, and the best looking. It is a high price, but it is worth it. This batting glove is no short of flashy either, as all five colorways have a chrome swoosh on the back of the hand. The five colorways the batting glove comes in are:

  1. White/ White/ Chrome
  2. University Red/ University Red/ Chrome
  3. Game Royal/ Game Royal/ Chrome
  4. Black/ Black/ Chrome
  5. Wolf Grey/ Wolf Grey/ Chrome

You can feel like Trout too, as the back of the wrist strap has in chrome “Trout” written on it.

Best Overall and Recommendation for Buying Batting Gloves

Despite the other four great options on the list, the Franklin Pro Classic is the best on the market. At $40, this gives you everything you need. It is at a good price point, it is sleek and looks good, it comes in four colorways. The Pro Classic is the best on the market because of it’s durability and comfort. The one-piece, ultra comfortable spandex back and the sheepskin leather palm makes it incredibly flexible and comfortable.

Franklin has in the product description “the glove that started it all… represents the heritage of the batting glove line”. Hall of Famers like Cal Ripken have used it, Mike Schmidt helped design it to make it last at the highest level. Current Major Leaguers like JD Martinez, Fransisco Lindor, and Jose Altuve currently wear the batting glove.

There are four colorways for the Franklin Pro Classic:

  1. White/ White
  2. Black/ Black
  3. Red/ White
  4. Royal/ White

They are all great options that can match your team colors, but the white/ white combination is second to none. The holes on the fingers on both sides of the fingers allow for breathability.


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