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Types of Wood Baseball Bats (and How to Choose One)

As recently as two decades ago, few baseball players hit with wood bats during their amateur careers. Today, it’s common for kids as young as Little League to take a portion of their practice cuts with wood or wood composite bats. In a previous article, we explained why hitting with wood is a smart idea, […]

Best Slow Pitch Softball Bats for 2022

When it comes to shopping for sporting goods online, few things have become as complicated as simply selecting a slow pitch softball bat. Space age materials, proprietary formulas, a range of prices and an alphabet soup of governing bodies that decide what is and isn’t legal can turn a fun experience into a tedious slog. […]


6 Resistance Band Exercises for Baseball and Softball Players

In The MVP Machine, a book that explores the world of advanced baseball training and development techniques, resistance bands are noted as a key but a once-uncommon tool that a young amateur pitcher named Trevor Bauer used to build his arm strength and ultimately become one of the game’s dominant hurlers. “When Trevor was twelve, […]

How to Break in a Baseball Glove

How to Break in a Baseball Glove (The Right Way)

A high-quality baseball glove is one of the most important investments a baseball or softball player can make in their game. Choosing the right mitt for your position and playing style can make a big difference in your performance. While no glove alone can make you a better defender, picking one that fits right and […]

Review - Best Batting Gloves

Hitting Vault Review: Top 5 Batting Gloves

There are a wide array of batting gloves on the market. You can pick them up anywhere from Dick’s Sporting Goods to Big 5 Sports to your local batting cage. There are a lot of options, but which ones are the best? The following post will cover the top 5 batting gloves on the market […]

The Hitting Vault x Blast Motion

Product Spotlight: Blast Motion

At The Hitting Vault, we frequently get asked about the best products to use to start capturing data on our swings. There are currently several products available on the market to analyze your baseball or softball swing and provide the data you need to get better. One of our favorites is Blast Motion. Blast Motion, […]


The Four Best Fastpitch Softball Bats on the Market in 2022

When it comes to purchasing a fastpitch softball bat in 2022, it is a pretty substantial financial commitment. The prices of the best fastpitch bats have risen over the years because of the innovations that each new season brings around. Marucci, Easton, DeMarini, and Louisville Slugger’s models all are innovative bats that have discovered ways […]

The Best High School Baseball Cleats

The Six Best Metal Baseball Cleats

As youth players progress to higher levels of baseball, the norm is to start wearing metal baseball cleats. There has been an all-out war between the three major competitors in the baseball market between adidas, Nike, and New Balance. The battle of who can bring the put forth the best product, has benefited the consumer […]

The Best Youth Baseball Cleats

The Top 3 Youth Baseball Cleats

Youth baseball has entered a new era, thanks in part to an up and coming age of shortstops and influencers like the Houston Astro’s Carlos Correa, or the Cleveland Indians Francisco Lindor the game has seen a shift in focus heading towards cleats and on-field style. Companies such as adidas, Nike, New Balance, and Under […]


Top 5 Best Wood Baseball Bats

Big leaguers use them, minor leaguers use them, even some college leagues use them. Hitting with a wood bat can be a frightening idea at first. Especially if you have no idea what the best wood baseball bats are. Another issue, and often the biggest concern, surrounds their easy ability to break and send parts […]