How This MLB Player Went From 14 HR to 50 (Without Changing His Swing)

How This MLB Player Went From 14 HR to 50 (Without Changing His Swing)

What is the concept of slow to fast for baseball and softball hitters?

A question that I receive often is from parents or hitters asking about timing or how to fix “lunging”. In my experience, 99% of lunging and timing issues have to do with hitters loading and striding too fast. They “get their foot down early.” This disrupts a great swing rhythm by stopping and going again or spending most of their swing energy before they even swing the bat.

All hitters should work to understand the concept of Slow To Fast. I like to use the term “Slow To Explode” with my hitters. I even have young hitters that like to use the phrase…KAAAAA-BOOOOM!

The concept of Slow To Explode is best described as: The hitter starting their swing slow and relaxed, and their bat speed increasing at and through contact.

Jose Bautista of the Toronto Blue Jays has said that his key to going from 14 HR a year to over 50 was understanding and mastering the concept covered below.

Understanding the Concept of Slow to Fast

This is a rare video where Jose shows us his process of slow to fast.

Hitters that start too fast in their swing are susceptible to things like lunging, casting and their bat speed actually decelerating at contact.

Whenever I come across hitters that have lunging issues or struggle with this concept, I have them hit off the tee or front toss focusing on seeing how slow (slow motion) they can go in their load/stride phase and use verbal cues like “slow your feet down” “show me what slow motion load/stride looks like”.

In The Hitting Vault, I’ve got 4 other drills that I use to specifically fix “lunging” issues.

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